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Empowering Your Pink!

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Topics Covered In The Book

Embracing your pink

Redefining the Sterotypes



Balance and Time Management

Self-Efficacy and Powerful Language

Teamwork and Expectancy Theories

About Author

Dr. Julie DuCharme

Dr. Julie Ducharme is a sought-after keynote speaker, author, business consultant, entrepreneur, instructor, and a special consultant in women's empowerment. Dr. Ducharme is the creator, founder, and CEO of Julie’s Party People, JD Consulting, and Synergy Learning Institute a technical vocational college. Dr. Ducharme travels the world speaking to organizations, colleges, and groups on leadership, marketing, empowerment, and business.

Dr. Ducharme has been a consultant, instructor and serial business entrepreneur for the last 17 years. Helping colleges shape their programs, getting the business off the bottom floor and helping individuals and businesses flourish and grow. And passionately empowering women to make a change.

Dr. Ducharme is an award-winning author with her book Leading by my Ponytail, Why can’t I wear pink and be the president. This book hit Inc Magazine top 60 leadership books written by women to read. Dr. Ducharme is a change maker as she works to help women veterans transitioning back to civilian life and get jobs. She hits on key empowerment topics and programs for women as well. She has won tops awards from national titles to best papers for IBAM and more. Dr. Ducharme has been nominated for women in leadership making change award, holds national titles, and is an award-winning speaker.

Dr. Ducharme recently launched two e-courses called Slippers to Stillettos and Combat Boots to Heels. These courses are based on her best selling book.

Dr. Julie Ducharme resides in San Diego CA. with her husband and two kids Abby and Micah. She has a Ba in Communication and MBA with a specialization in Marketing and a Doctorate of Business administration with a specialization in leadership. Her combined experience in The industry, as well as education, gives her the ability to take real-life business situations an solve them with proven results.

One of Doctor Ducharmes, many successful programs focuses on the F-SET Model.
• F-SET Model (we find these are all areas that women excel in but are often squelched auto industry and culture we work to change this and help you excel in these areas)
• Femininity
• Self Efficacy
• Emotional Intelligence
• Teamwork
Would you like to have Dr. Ducharme as your Key-note speaker, trainer, change agent, or take one of her award-winning e-courses that help transform you into the best version of you? Or work with Dr. Ducharme's team to get your organization the support or consulting needed to be successful? Dr. Ducharme has helped countless companies and individual excelled to success. Contact Dr. Ducharme today. www.leadingbymyponytail.com or leadingybymyponytail@gmail.com

Dr. Karen Walker Lieutenant Colonel, USMCR

Dr. Walker  is a well decorated Marine Corps officer with a distinguished military career that includes 3 combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. She is a published researcher with specializations in education, training, gender research, and industrial/organizational psychology. In addition to her current work with Executive and Organizational consulting, she has been an advocate for change and worked as an adjunct professor for several universities. Dr. Walker has experience in private consulting coordinating, developing and teaching diversity and leadership training, and course curriculum for executives and mid level managers. She has one amazingly handsome son, Cayleb, and adorable dog named Bella.

What Our Readers Are Saying

This book was a great read. The incite to women and the work force was very informative.

Amazon User

This book is full of insightful tips for success in the workplace. Dr. Walker shares her distinct and detailed advice for women in leadership. I think about what she wrote about feminity in leadership almost everyday. It is even useful to think through in parenting!

Candice Rice

This book was very insightful, easy to read, and thought provoking. As I was reading, I found myself saying “Yes!” every so often. The authors’ experiences that they described gave me a sense of belonging.

Kelly Brockway

Empowering Your Pink Podcast

Drs Julie & Karen dive into controversial subjects that effect women today. They also discuss owning your role as a leader, building your confidence, and what it takes to lead with style. They answer personal questions about leading through stressful times.

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